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Welcome y’all to Israel’s goat-hunting season. This celebration of the verbal blunderbuss is one of those really strange events that only Israelis could have invented.   The name was taken from an old Yiddish folk tale about a poor fellow in a shtetl who has a dozen children, lives in a one-room house, and is […]

The Aftermath of Obama’s Visit to Israel

The Obama-Netanyahu summit was one of the most carefully choreographed “reconciliation” meetings in recent history. When it was over, a poll found that 39 percent of Israelis said that their opinion of Obama had changed for the better, and 58 percent said that they now believed that the United States would not allow Iran to […]

Speech Delivered for Israel Independence Day 2013

It has been 45 years now since I set foot in Israel and in Jerusalem. I first arrived here in 1967 to cover the 6 Day War for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. So I have seen a lot.   Tonight I’ve been asked to share some of my experiences and impressions over these years.   […]