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Israel’s Election Campaign

We’re into a new Israeli election season. All the politicians are out telling anyone who will listen about all the wonderful things they have done and what they will do…if elected.   But, as I have been cautioning for years, be careful. All this hoopla can be, and already is, a descent to that most […]

Whence Orthodox Jewish Zionist Politics?

The Israeli election campaign has already begun.   In the run-up to that campaign, one of the most notable, and remarkable, political events in Israel in 2012 was actually a non-event. At a time when Israelis were struggling to figure out how to deal with any number of basic moral issues such as whether to […]

Iran: What’s Behind All the Verbiage?

    The debate on what to do about Iran has become one of the most fascinating exercises in politicking that I have ever witnessed. Hardly a day goes by without someone leaking something about some aspect of the subject. At the same time, I certainly can’t recall a time when there was so much […]