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Jim Lederman is the longest-serving foreign correspondent in Jerusalem. In the past, he has been the Israel correspondent for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., NPR and the New York Post. Since 1992, he has been the Senior Israel Analyst for Oxford Analytica, specializing in the political, military, economic, social and religious movements in the Middle East. He is the author of Battle-Lines: The American Media and the Intifada (Henry Holt, 1992), and his articles have appeared in a wide variety of major newspapers and journals.

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  1. Robert Raful says:

    Over many years, during an annual 2 1/2 months in Jerusalem, we spent Monday evenings on Agron St. at Rabbi Eddie Romm’s “Forums.”
    We were always anxious to hear the results of Jim’s comprehensive analyses of “All Things”—I concluded a long time ago the Jim is one of the very few REAL experts on the Middle East.
    So happy that Rabbi Eddie gave us a link to this Blog.

    bob raful

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