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Violence in Jerusalem, Part II

The recent outbreak of violence in Jerusalem and elsewhere has many causes. Unfortunately, there are few politically-viable remedies for those causes that are readily available. Worse still, the few governmental decisions that could ameliorate some of the sources of the violence have been reduced in number because, over the past two decades, the very nature […]

Jerusalem On A Knife-Edge

The current round of Palestinian-initiated violence has been going on long enough that it would once have been reasonable to expect that, by now, the daily reporting of events would also be accompanied by attempts to place these events in context. However a combination of a change in the nature of journalism and the increasing […]

A Critical Issue About the Iran Agreement That Has Never Been Discussed

In mid-August, I wrote a short article laying out what I thought were some genuine concerns that people should have about the recent agreement with Iran.   Normally, I would have posted the article on my blog. However, because I believed that the subject matter should be discussed urgently by a broad public, I chose […]